Ghost. X’O



Ghost. X’O

I’m about to roll one and light it and fuck it man,

no one’s invited

I gotta kill off the weak shit that’s got all you niggas excited

I can’t even listen, you whylin’,

I’d much rather sit here in silence

People are funny;

you don’t even know ‘bout the shit that I been through

I just want some head in a comfortable bed,

it could all be so simple

Talkin’ that shit with your back to me,

just know it always get back to me

Come get your girl, she been here for three days

and she way too attached to me

You’re gonna hate him
Then you’ll want me
Then you’ll miss him
Then you’ll hate me

You just wanna fill the void now
I can tell that you’ve been yelling at him all night long
And I can hear it in your voice now
He got you smoking extra packs a day
Don’t you worry bout me talking
I know why you’ve been coming
I’ll be quiet this ain’t nothing to me
Just wrap your legs around my waist
I won’t stop until you ask me
Don’t you worry bout us messing up my sheets

Cause unlike you I got nothing to hide
I don’t pretend to have any shame
I got a box we could put all your lies in
Until the end of days
You know that I will be a call away
The call you make when you’re all alone
And I know that I will always be the one
You repent when you are done

I tell myself that I’ll take you for the last time

I’ll be over you eventually

Time after time, you seem to brush me off

I understand what we have become

You wash your neck when you leave,

now I know your routine

I was in love with your mystery

Now I just take what I can get from you

I’m not embarrassed to be what you want me to be